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Google to roll out Dark Mode for the Search App on Android 10

Google and Apple took one step further to add Dark Mode to the respective mobile operating system. Especially, Google started to roll out the dark mode feature in the early beta version and wanted to clear out the air with a global stable release. Android 10 brought the Dark Mode to existence on the latest Android phones, but a few applications were missing enable/disable functions and Google Search App was one of them. It is unclear why Google did not add such an important feature in the Search app.

Finally, Google rolled out the software update to the Search app that has dedicated enable/disable the option in the “Settings.”

The latest update applied grayish theme all-over the interface including the home screen that contains news, videos, and articles. The color is a somewhat dark & light grey mix, and not AMOLED black tones, which is implemented in Messenger, and Instagram.

The new Dark Mode also shines through the search results and used smartly to differentiate the results and options. You can see in the snapshot that light grayish highlights the content, while the dark gray colors act as the background color. Android 10 consumers would have been more appreciative of the Dark Mode if it was truly AMOLED black tones.

Click on More > Settings > General > Theme or Choose Theme.

In most of the Android 10 running phones, you have three options, Light, Dark, and Set by Battery Saver. You have the option to enable and disable the function at your will and have complete control over the app. I did notice that phone manufacturers that added custom skin layer over Android already equipped the phone with Dark Mode, and it is compatible with Android 9 running phones.

The Google Search App will come with Dark Mode in Android 10, and iOS 13 running devices. I did check the dark mode in Android 7.0, and the feature is missing in the updated Google Search App. However, that isn’t the case with Vivo U10 that is running on Android 9, which has a dark mode inbuilt. Overall, Android phones that have inbuilt Dark Mode will be compatible with Google’s Search App Dark Mode.

Amit Sureliya
I love hardware combined with software and that’s what mesmerizes me about Windows and Linux operating systems. I do feel like ColorOS is overrated and requires highly optimization for user-friendly interface and I love Samsung phones.



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