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Fix instantly: Discord mic stops working on Windows 10

Have you ever faced issue on Discord or Discord Mic is not working properly? Well, I faced several times in the past, and the reasons are many. The scenario may seem one and only one, but I came across a lot of contributing factors. Today, we are going to fix Discord Mic not working issue.

Discord is my primary choice to stay connected to my gaming audience, and I stay online for at least 15 hours a day. The Discord microphone on the mobile application might not face problems when compared to desktop-class version.

NOTE: Uninstall and then reinstall the application on mobile and desktop. Usually, a bug or glitch causes the issue, and do not pin the problem on Windows or Android. If the Discord application requires an update, then make sure to do it. If you are facing any problem related to Discord update or it is not updating then check this guide.

Fix Discord Mic Not Working instantly

I came across a common problem that occurs when you connect a microphone when opening the program. However, you remove the microphone from the desktop and then reconnect it later. The Discord configuration doesn’t work, and it will not function normally, and you have the error on the screen.

You have to exit the program from the taskbar, and then re-launch it. Make sure to connect the microphone to the desktop and then re-launch it, and it will solve the problem. Whenever, you remove the microphone physically from the desktop and reconnect it again, while Discord is running in the background, then it will persist. The restarting solution will function normally on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux versions as well.

Select Microphone & Headphone manually

Initially, Discord automatically sets the Microphone and Headphones to default, and it allows the inbuilt audio device to select it. In my Windows PC, Realtek settings will decide, when the device will work as a microphone.

You have to manually set-up the audio device on Discord so that it will recognize it in an instant by microphone official driver. Several professional microphones install a custom driver to support the hardware.

Step 1) Launch the Discord and then click on the user gear icon to open settings.

Discord Setting

Step 2) In the settings located at the left sidebar, click on “Voice & Video” for more options.

Discord My Account

Step 3) We cannot allow the devices to set on default, and click on them to select the Microphone and Headphones.

Discord Voice Settings

I have selected the microphone and headphones to installed hardware, so the Discord will not struggle with driver’s collision. Overall, the problem should get resolved after a quick restart of the program. I recommend professional set-up consumers that they install updated drivers of the microphone and it does help in gaining extra power-packed features.

Reset Voice Settings on Discord

A few configurations can make any server suffer from non-functional options and features. When we fail to figure out the prime culprit, then I recommend eliminating prime suspect in the process. Since the input sound is not working along with output sound, then we should reset the settings to resolve software-based problems. Do not worry about the missing data on the server such as settings, user settings, number of servers joined, and other data.

1) Fire up the Discord account and then click on the user gear icon to launch settings.

2) The settings will take over the screen and then click on “Voice & Video” to proceed further.

3) The “Voice & Video” options will show up the screen and scroll down until you reach the bottom of the page.

4) Click on the “Reset Voice Settings” to complete the short mission.

Reset Voice Setting on Discord

The Discord program will restart automatically, so do not panic because you did not make a mistake. The program will start requesting the machine to provide in-depth information on installed voice and audio devices installed on the PC. The new settings for microphone may appear in the “Voice & Video” options.

Setup Audio Device Properly

My MSI motherboard shipped the Realtek HD Audio device a driver for audio. You have to find out what audio device you got with your PC or laptop. In many cases, the newly registered users do not set-up the microphone properly, and they end up scratching, why Discord Mic is not working properly. I’m going to provide instructions on how you can resolve the issue without scratching your head.

  • Remove the external microphone from the desktop. In case if you are using a laptop, then leave it without making any changes in the settings. Launch the audio manager, and in my case, it’s Realtek.
  • Click on the connector settings, if you are using a desktop that doesn’t come with an internal microphone.
  • If you are on a laptop using an external microphone, then you will be able to select the audio preference in the manager, and it will assist in choosing the right driver settings for the hardware connected.
  • Tap on “enable auto popup dialog, when the device has been plugged in” and then click on “OK” to complete the process.
  • Connect the audio device to the computer, and Realtek Audio Manager will provide options for the administrator to select from it. I recommend selecting “Mic In” to make it default as long as it is connected to the desktop.

Do not fear permanent setting because the moment you will remove the device from the PC. It will not leave that position vacant until another device connected or same hardware connected to the port. The audio dialog will open again, and you have to select the right preset again.

Fortunately, the microphone settings in the Realtek manager will not appear until you select the right device. In short, you will know whether you have connected correct MIC device and the microphone icon will appear at the top.

Bottom Line

I have provided official methods to resolve Discord Mic doesn’t work on Windows and Linux. The last setting may not work on macOS running machines, but the rest of them does support Discord macOS version.

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