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Microsoft Surface Pro 8 Expected Price, Specifications, Release date and so on

The Microsoft Surface Pro 8 planned to drop in 2020 but we can expect the delay due to the pandemic outbreak. The current wave is not indicating Surface Pro 8 release anytime soon and no rumors are circulating in the World Wide Web either. October is the month when Microsoft launches new products. Surface Pro 7 brought modern specifications and performance that consumers wanted for their business life. However, Surface Pro 7 battery lasted one hour lesser, when compared to the previous generation.

Surface Pro 8 Specification

Microsoft is not going to ditch 12.3-inches display or thinner the bezels to make the laptop more appealing. Many experts are speculating that Surface Pro 8 might come with the resolution of 2880 x 1920 display.

We would not be surprised if the laptops are shipped with Intel Core-U series processors. The next-generation “Tiger Lake” CPUs did not hit the market yet, and the consumers would love to see Surface Pro 8 running on the latest Intel processors. Speaking of AMD, who is giving a tough competition to Intel in gaming, workstation, and now laptops are not working with Microsoft. Overall, it is unlikely to see AMD chipsets in Surface Pro 8 anytime soon.

Surface Pro 8 will run on Intel “Ice Lake” or Intel “Tiger Lake” chipsets, and they will be available in Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7 variants in the market.

Microsoft has always been considerate about storage options and it will starts from 4GB RAM and expandable up to 16GB RAM. In the 7th edition, Microsoft bundled the laptop with 128GB SSD and 256GB SSD storage options. In 2020, I believe, Microsoft might add a 512GB SSD storage option for modern consumers.

Price and Availability

The current events across the globe created uncertainty for businesses to come up with solutions. In short, Microsoft cannot make plans because they don’t have accurate information about when things will go normal. Nobody can provide pricing and availability of information because even Microsoft is not sure about it.

Looking at historical data, Microsoft might hold an online event, and launch Surface Pro 8 in October 2020. The demand might be higher, but supply should meet the requirements, and if not, then MS will push the date to June 2021.

Manufacturers follow the traditional pricing formula to attract new consumers and encourage the existing ones to upgrade, and Surface Pro 7 pricing can be used to determine the latest model pricing.

  • Core i3: Starts from $750 – $850.
  • i5: Starts from $900 – $1,199.
  • i7: Starts from $1500 – $2,299.

Remember, I did not mention upgrades such as storage options and RAM options. You do have to spend an extra $99 for Surface Pen and $159 for the Signature Type Cover. We cannot talk about the design because of the speculations and less accurate information.

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