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How to Disable or Remove camera from the lock screen in iOS 15

Privacy is important and you can remove the camera from your iPhone lock screen using the inbuilt settings. Apple team added enough options in the iOS to enable/disable functions from the device to improvise security and privacy. In this tutorial, I will cover the solution, where you can remove the camera from your iPhone lock screen from iOS 13, 14 and 15. We have look at the settings of three different versions because Apple made plenty of changes to meet modern standards.

How to Disable Camera from Lock Screen in iOS 15 and 14

Update software to the latest iOS 15 version because it will remove known bugs and glitches and offer a stable environment. Make sure to read the entire tutorial properly and if you are using an older device, then move on to the next part.

  • Open “Settings” and click on “Screen Time” to continue.
  • Tap on “Content & Privacy Restrictions” to continue. By default, it will be turned on, but if it isn’t then tap to turn it on.
  • Go back and tap on “Allowed Apps” to deselect the camera app.
  • Find the “Camera” and toggle to turn it off.

Now, lock the phone, and then confirm whether the camera function is missing from the Lock Screen or not. iPhone running iOS 13 should not have the camera option in the Lock Screen and you can always revert the changes by following the instructions backward.

How to Remove Camera from Lock Screen in iOS 12 and 11

iOS 12

I must say that iOS 12 has different options when it comes to removing functions from Lock Screen. We are going to look at a similar set of instructions but a different method here. The solution works on any version of iOS 12 including 2020 security updates.

  • Go to “Settings” and open “Screen Time.”
  • Tap on “Content & Privacy Restrictions” to continue.
  • Turn on “Content & Privacy Restrictions” in the setting.
  • Go back and tap on “Always Allowed” to continue.
  • Find the camera feature in the setting.
  • Tap on the red remove button and then tap on “Remove” to complete the process.

You don’t have to restart the phone for the action to take effect. Lock the device and check if the camera is showing up in the Lock Screen. Unlike the earlier versions and the latest version, the iOS 12 Screen Time interface is slightly different in this case.

iOS 11

Apple iOS Restrictions is a traditional solution that paved the way to the Privacy & Content Restrictions that we have today. I should admit that iOS 11 had an easier way to remove camera access from Lock Screen.

  • Open “Settings” and then “General” to continue.
  • Now, find and tap on “Restrictions” to continue.
  • Enter Restrictions passcode.
  • Turn off the “Camera” app from the setting.

Bottom Line

Privacy is always important and that’s a selling point of Apple advertisement strategy. The Cupertino-based manufacturer optimized the software and added sufficient features to accommodate the consumer’s demands. Let us know which method worked for you to remove Camera from iPhone Lock Screen in the comment section below.

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