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Wifi Calling Feature on iPhone? Here’s How to Enable in iOS 15

Telecommunications are taking advantage of the Wi-Fi calling feature to sell their voice call plans around the world. Currently, several Telecommunication companies shifting their business model towards the Wi-Fi calling, so they can focus more on the selling packages that customers prefer.

What is the Wifi calling feature?

As the name suggests, existing customers can make voice calls over a Wi-Fi network. Almost everybody has a Wi-Fi router and broadband subscription in their office and house. Telecommunication companies enabled the existing customers, who have a voice plan subscribed joined truce with phone manufacturers, broadband agencies and networks to provide this feature. Enable voice calling over Wi-Fi and start making crystal clear voice calls. Fortunately, no additional charges will apply by the network, and you can make calls from home Wi-Fi or somewhere else.

How to Enable Wifi Calling Feature on an iPhone?

Remember, device compatibility is important, and I have already provided more information below, so make sure to check it out for further details.

  • Click on the “Settings” icon
  • Tap on “Cellular” or “Mobile Data” to continue.
  • Now, tap on “Wi-Fi Calling” to continue.
  • Click “Wi-fi calling on this iPhone” to complete the process.

Currently, the function might be available in your device, and there are several contributing reasons behind it. Of course, we have provided enough information to figure it out, and I want to inform the readers that this is fairly a new add-on to the platform in several parts of the world.

Before doing this check WiFi Calling Compatibility

Telecom companies already working with the manufacturers to make this work and they need to provide the feature on the phones. However, Wi-Fi calling is not available on a wide range of phones, but I will provide a small list so that you can comprehend the number of devices manufactured with Wi-Fi calling.

Apple launched the function on iPhone 6S, while OnePlus started with 7th edition. Samsung is ahead of every one since they added the HD Voice feature on Galaxy J6, Galaxy A10s, Galaxy M30s, etc. Basically, Wi-Fi calling requires HD Voice feature, which is available in a wide range of high-end smartphones and doesn’t blame the manufacturer because this isn’t a software tweak.

What do you need to make iPhone Wifi Calling work?

Don’t throw the important piece of information in junk because the entire process work’s on the number of requirements. I mentioned the device compatibility, but that’s not all there is to it. The technology is fairly new for several countries and requires good knowledge of what you need to avoid mistakes.

  1. A compatible device that has HD Voice feature in it, and contacts the customer care for further information.
  2. Select the Telecommunication network that supports Wi-Fi calling because not everyone has the infrastructure to provide it.
  3. Visit the official website of the network and check out the available compatible devices.
  4. Confirm with network customer care, whether customers can make calls using any broadband or need to subscribe to the specific broadband connection.

The original concept of the Wi-FI calling is to help the customers make calls when the network cannot reach the specific regions.

How much data will Wifi call use

Data consumption stands as an important question for millions of customers because they subscribed to the limited plan. Internet calling utilizes lighting speed and higher bandwidth to provide HD output and consumes 1MB per minute, and that’s the minimum consumption. Customers will get more options to choose, when the technology further improves and demand increases.

Final Words

Wi-Fi calling is available from the iPhone 6S edition or above, so don’t worry about the device compatibility. Focus on what are the requirements of the carrier and follow the guidelines in your country to enable it.

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