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How to Block Website on Safari Browser on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Apple provided enough options to block a website on Safari browser. Of course, iOS plays a huge role in the task because Apple added several functions to block the website on Safari using universal options. I will demonstrate the options and how you can achieve them in different ways. I will also provide iOS 12 or below guide, and the latest edition of iOS 13. The manufacturer made several changes to the iOS 13 to support iPhone X or above editions. First off, I will begin with the universal options and then move on to the Safari browser.

How to block Any website in Safari on iPhone and iPad

Unlike Chrome and Firefox, you won’t find the settings in the default browser. The manufacturer took advantage of the mobile operating system, and they shifted the advanced part in the “Settings” app. Of course, the idea behind shifting the options was to maintain a clean interface. I love the craftsmanship of the Safari browser because you won’t find unnecessary options in the browser, and makes the overall experience pleasant.

  • Click on the “Settings” and swipe down till the “General” and tap on it.
  • Find “Restrictions” in the section and tap on it. Unfortunately, this feature is not available on iOS 12, and you need iOS 13 or above running devices.
  • You have to “Enable Restrictions” to continue.
  • Type a new password that has nothing to do with the lock screen. After all, Apple added it as part of Children’s protection and under parental controls.
  • Enter the same password again to confirm.
  • Click on the “Websites” under “Allowed Content.”
  • Hit on the “Limit Adult Content” and tap on “Add a Website” to continue.
  • Enter URL of the website and click on “Done” to complete the process.

iOS is a smart operating system that recognizes HTTPS or HTTP protocol. I’m not leaving iOS 12 consumers behind the scene, and we will guide you through it.

How do i limit adult content in Safari in iOS

Apple added “limit adult content” under parental controls, but you can pretty much block any given website. None of the sites doesn’t have to be in the adult-based content portal, so go ahead and start blocking content on iOS 12.

  • Fire up the “Settings” and tap on “Screen Time” to continue.
  • Click on the “Content & Privacy Restrictions” to enable it and then tap on “Content Restrictions” to continue.
  • Under web content, tap on “Web Content” to continue.
  • Now, select the second option “Limit Adult Websites” and click on “Add Website” located at the bottom.
  • Add URL of your choice, and it could be anything and tap on Done.

Remember, you can add any website that doesn’t have to be associated with adult content. You can block YouTube or Dailymotion or any website of your choice. In many phones, “Screen Time” is not available because Apple added it in iOS 12!

Block websites in Safari browser on MacBook (Using Parental Controls)

Are you using a MacBook or iMac? System administrators can block the website on the Safari browser in several ways. Let’s proceed with the advanced options because it is considered a universal feature that is absolute.

  • Go to “System Preferences” by clicking on the Apple Logo.
  • Once the panel shows up on the screen and then click on “Parental Controls.”
  • Select the user account if you added multiple accounts on the computer.
  • Now, select “Enable Restrictions” from the left sidebar.
  • Click on the “Web” option.
  • The administrator has to enable the second option, “Try to limit access to adult websites,” and then click on the “Customize” button to continue.
  • Click on the + (plus) button and then click on “Never allow these websites” to continue.
  • Enter the URL and then click on “OK” to apply the settings.

Fortunately, you don’t need to additional program or add-on to block websites on MacBook or iMac. The operating system will block the listed sites on the computer, but it won’t affect the network or other devices.

Block sites on macOS using a third-party tool

Even though macOS machine administrators don’t need additional tools to add, remove, and manage blocked websites. There is a small group that has its own reasons to boycott the default functions and seek third-party applications.

  • Download and install Self Control on macOS.
  • Launch the program and then click on “Edit Blacklist” to add URL.
  • Click on the + sign to add URL and then select “blacklist” to permanently block the website.
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