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Best Spotify Alternatives for a Greater Music Experience

I’m invested in Spotify alternatives because it’s not available in several countries and you cannot find several Albums, Songs, and Playlists in it. Of course, I won’t deny that Spotify isn’t my go-to application to stream music because they provide high-quality music streaming for free.

7 Top Spotify Alternatives 2022

We should explore the world regardless of how perfect the existing technology and solutions are. Trying new things once in a while doesn’t hurt and gaining new knowledge in music streaming apps might change your perceptive on Spotify alternatives.

YouTube Music

YouTube started to promote its music platform for a few bucks a month. The video-sharing site shut down its gaming app services, and they began to push music services on the platform. Of course, you have to pay a few bucks to experience premium quality music. The powerhouse brings legit competition to Spotify as they are providing accurate results for every search. The video-sharing company learned from their previous unsuccessful projects, and they are moving towards competing with Apple Music and Spotify.

However, you don’t get the desktop-class application, while they are offering the services to cross-platform portable devices. The interface designed to mimic music player, but it plays video songs from YouTube uploaded. You can listen to music from VEVO channels, and users uploaded content as well.

Amazon Music

The company advertises that you can listen to the music without ADS, but Amazon Music Prime subscription needed in this case. Similar to Spotify, you can access high-quality music without spending a single penny. I have explored a little, and I found that there are several songs that I could not find. The search engine on Amazon Music requires a lot of advanced updates.


TIDAL is a Norwegian public company Aspiro that offers music & video streaming features to specific regions. By spending $19.99 per month, you can access lossless High Fidelity music on your smartphone. The music consumers are paying for audio and video content, and it includes exclusive content released by the company.

The difference begins, where TIDAL is providing AC 320 kbps audio quality for the same price that Spotify offers lesser quality. You are listening to the audio content at a higher frequency.

Nothing much is missing on TIDAL when compared to Spotify such as compatibility on wide-range of devices, cross-platform applications, and wireless interaction. TIDAL is extremely good at providing early access to orchestra tickets, songs, albums, and more.

Google Play Music

Google started music streaming services with the Play Music project. Of course, Play Music is an utter failure in my point of view because it lacks a lot of features & approach. I consider Play Music project as misspelled, and the company could not tell the story well.

The application comes pre-installed on Android One and stock Android operating system. I consider it as a prominent music player, which provides advanced music playing functions. In case if you want to listen to a newly released song, then you have to go through the RADIO. The application is not available on iOS devices because Apple distributes premium content through iTunes & Apple Music.


SoundCloud is a popular music streaming platform for media lovers and creators. The music platform created for growing artists and listeners. You cannot access premium music on the platform because it is a music sharing platform.

I use SoundCloud because you can find songs, OST, music, and remixes, which are available on Spotify or any other similar streaming app. For example, if you want to listen to newly released Anime opening songs or ending songs, then you can find it within 24 hours of period.

Its songs are uploaded by registered users, and you can upload custom made songs or music as well. The audio quality depends on the uploader, so it doesn’t have anything to do with SoundCloud.


Last FM is one of the oldest active service in music streaming category. The company might not stay relevant in the category because they don’t provide audio or video content directly from the artists or labels.

It is an entertainment content tool that provides high-quality songs from official YouTube channels of artists. If you are searching for a song, then you can land here, and start looking for official upload by Artist, VEVO channel managers, and labels.

Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio is an American music streaming service and radio service. PR is a popular application consumed by millions of people in western countries, and it’s not available outside of the United States of America. For some reason, the Pandora Radio shut down the services from Australia and New Zealand.

Pandora music streaming application is available on Android and iOS. You can listen to the songs on the platform without limitations. The services provide 128 kbps audio bitrate, and it isn’t the highest offered by popular streaming services in the web market.

The media consumers have to deal with audible and visual advertisements, which keep the services going. The registered users can create playlists, and the rest of the users can access it. In case, if you want to access premium features, then the company charges a few bucks to remove ADS and improve overall quality.

Bottom Line

You got seven Spotify alternatives that can provide greater music experience. If you want to my deadly combination of music streaming apps, then I use Spotify & SoundCloud because you can search for what you cannot find another platform.

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