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How to Get Rid of The Arrow on iPhone?

The arrow on the top of the iPhone display is annoying; here is all about that arrow and how you can remove it

  • What are the arrows on iPhone screen and their purposes?
  • Types of arrows and how to get rid of them?
  • All about location services

The iPhone has a neat feature that lets you place an arrow on the screen to help you point things out. However, sometimes this arrow can be a bit of a nuisance. Here’s how to get rid of an arrow on your iPhone!

Geofencing uses to determine where you are if the arrow on your iOS device is hollow. You’ll see that the arrow is white on your screen if you’ve activated geofencing on your device.

The technology known as geofencing enables your iPhone to recognize when you have moved to a new place and respond appropriately.

If your iPhone shows a solid arrow, this indicates that multiple applications are making use of the Location Services feature.

How to Get Rid of The Arrow on iPhone? Introduction to the Arrow in the Top Right Corner of the iPhone?

How to Get Rid of The Arrow on iPhone

A small arrow displays in the upper-right corner of your iPhone whenever it is used for location services by Apple or an application.

This indicator informs you that somebody is tracking your location to provide you with location-based support, such as turn-by-turn driving directions, in real-time, as requested.

Enabling Location Services is convenient, but there are privacy concerns. The small arrow helps you keep an eye on things.

Location Services

It is possible to get an idea of your iPhone’s current location using Wi-Fi, cellular, iBeacon, and GPS networks.

If you don’t want to share that information with others, you can use Location Services to do so.

You need to activate its location services to use the iPhone or apps to their full potential.

The arrival at work could trigger a geofenced reminder in a location-enabled Reminder app.

Without Location Services enabled, the Find My iPhone app can’t assist you in locating a missing phone and can’t be used to delete and lock it.

Arrow Alerts

Location-enabled apps and services regularly ask for location data to keep track of your iPhone. They can do this when your device is in use or while they are running in the background.

An arrow shows in the iPhone’s upper-right corner to let you know by exchanging data.

Apps Access

On your iPhone, you can control several features of location services.

Turning off location services entirely is possible if you don’t want to share your location with anyone.

However, some apps may not function correctly or at all after that, so it’s important to know that this is a risk you’re willing to take.

Alternatively, you can enable Location Services and restrict access to it to only specified apps by turning on their respective “On” buttons.

Keep in mind, though, that a location-enabled Safari app may also allow websites to follow your whereabouts online.

Apple Access

To control Apple’s use of your iPhone’s location-based data, tap the “System Services” button.

Toggling any option to “On” allows Apple to support you with one of its substantial crowd-sourced location-related databases and to gather your location and usage data for anonymous inclusion in that databank.

Activating the displayed options will give you the following benefits: faster cellular connections with Cell Network Search; true north on your Compass app with Compass Calibration; warnings about weak coverage areas with Diagnostics and Usage; geographically relevant ads with Location-Based iAds; popular apps in your area with Popular Near Me; time zone adjustments with Setting Time Zone; current road conditions with Traffic; and nearby hot spots with Wi-Fi Network.


Apple has taken steps to make Location Services on your iPhone as precise and granular as possible by offering arrow alerts and other customization settings.

It’s still vital to carefully study the privacy regulations of those you allow to track your iPhone’s location or activity. Be aware of how your location data will be used and protected.

Types of Arrows on The Top Left Corner of My iPhone?

How to Get Rid of The Arrow on iPhone

An application is accessing location services if you see the arrow icon in your iPhone status bar. iPhone assigns Different colors and meanings to each of the arrows.

If an icon-like status bar icon appears in your iOS device’s status bar, it’s related to the Location Services feature.

That app is presently utilizing your location, has requested to do so, or has used your location in the past.

It all comes down to how the arrow icon appears.

A black or white-hollow arrow indicator may display if you enable Location Services, indicating that your device is utilizing Location Services (e.g., maps, Cameras, weather apps, etc.).

When you allow your iOS device’s location services, you let it know where you are.

Your iPhone or iPad can pinpoint your location using GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and mobile networks.

All apps cannot use this feature if you turn it off.

Some apps may require this permission to function correctly. For example, you can use location-based reminders. Disabling Location Services will make Find My iPhone inoperable.

The usage of map apps may be impossible if you do not have access to Location Services. Select apps will be able to make use of this feature or not. Use caution when using location services.

When you see the various arrow icons, we’ll explain what they mean.

Gray Arrow

Suppose you are using an application on your iPhone and see an indicator that looks like a solid grey arrow.

In that case, this indicates that a website or an application on your iPhone is now accessing your location.

It could be the case regardless of whatever program you are using.

Purple Arrow

A solid purple arrow icon in the top right corner of your iPhone indicates that an application has recently made use of the Location Services feature.

Hollow Arrow

Now, if you see an icon that looks like a hollow arrow in the upper-right corner of your iPhone, it indicates that a program on your device will use your location under certain circumstances.

The hollow arrow indicates that an application uses geofencing in its basic form.

It triggers when you go to a given location, and it will often show up on your screen when your smartphone has certain activities programmed to occur at a particular location.

If you’re using the Shortcuts app, you might program a shortcut to run automatically whenever you enter your house. You might also create a reminder that will go off when you return to your home.

Arrow with Blue Circle

The blue circle with a white arrow icon is one of the arrow icons that you might not see as often as the others.

If you see this indicator in your status bar, it indicates that an application or website you are using is attempting to access your location services.

When exploring the web, you will likely come across this most frequently when a website asks for your location.

A Hollow Visible Arrow on My iPhone: What’s the Reason?

How to Get Rid of The Arrow on iPhone

Have you pondered the meaning of the empty arrow that appears on your iPhone? If this is the case, you may have Location Services activated on your phone.

The ability of your apps to determine your precise position, provided by Location Services, results in an improved user experience. However, using this feature frequently will quickly deplete your battery.

You will need to delete Location Services from your phone before you can turn off the feature on your device. Here are some simple procedures you need to take to uninstall this program.

To begin, it is essential to comprehend the meaning of the arrow icon.

If solid, it indicates that your iPhone has been using Location Services; however, if it is hollow, it suggests that it has been using Location Services during the last 24 hours.

If you have been using the same app for more than 24 hours, you may notice that the location arrow has changed to a grey color.

It indicates that the app has not been using Location Services for some time.

Suppose you have seen the icon of a hollow arrow on your iPhone.

In that case, you can generally turn it off by navigating to the Settings menu and selecting Location Services from the submenu.

On the other hand, if you do not wish to use location services, you can make the icon in the status bar disappear by toggling the appropriate switch.

The next step is to activate or deactivate the Location Services.

You may also disable Location Services by touching the icon that represents your location and then scrolling down the menu that appears.

About Location Services

The features that determine where you are and provide relevant content to that place are “Location Services.”

Your phone’s location is used by numerous apps, like Google Maps, Discover My iPhone, Yelp, and many others, to advise you where to drive, where your lost or stolen phone is, or where you may find eateries within a quarter mile of your current position.

You can achieve the functionality of Location Services by accessing the hardware on your phone and data from the internet.

GPS is typically reliable and readily available, making it an ideal choice as the foundation of location-based services.

Whereabouts Services pulls information about you from multiple sources, including cellular phone networks, Wi-Fi networks in the area, and Bluetooth devices, to provide you with more accurate information about your location.

When you combine GPS and network data with data gathered from the general public and powerful mapping technologies developed by Apple and Google, you have a formidable tool for determining the street you are on, what nearby store, and other relevant information.

Some smartphones come equipped with a gyroscope or compass that can detect the direction you are facing and how you are moving.

How to Make Use of the Location Services on Your iPhone

How to Get Rid of The Arrow on iPhone

Navigate to the Settings menu on your iPhone. The Privacy button can be found by scrolling down. Make your selection from the drop-down menu labeled Location Services.

You may find an explanation of the meaning of each different kind of arrow at the very bottom of the page, under the heading System Services: Arrows.

Under some conditions, the appearance of a hollow arrow on an item denotes the possibility that it will receive your location.

When you see a purple arrow, it means that an object has recently been to your location. A grey arrow shows that an item has used your site within twenty-four hours.

You can change your settings on the location services tab and review how you’ve shared your location with various apps.

You may also go to System Services to view and modify more parameters that are unique to the current location.

To prevent the arrow icon from appearing, turn off the Status Bar Icon at the bottom of the System Services menu.

Appears on the screen in front of you. You can also totally disable location services on your iPhone to stop apps from accessing your location.

However, doing so might limit the functioning of apps that rely on your location, such as Maps and Weather.

What to Do When Apps Ask to Access Location Services

How to Get Rid of The Arrow on iPhone

When you first open one of these apps, it may ask permission to access your location because it uses Location Services.

Ask yourself if it makes sense for the application to use your location before deciding whether to allow it.

Occasionally, your phone may also inquire whether you wish to continue providing application access to your location data.

This privacy feature will alert you to any information your apps try to access on your device.

The level of discretion about this capability is significantly higher on Apple devices.

You can choose whether you always want to give the app access to your location when you use the app or never when the pop-up window appears.

In addition to that, it displays the locations at which the app has tracked you, which clarifies the meaning of the tracking.

You can disable location services on your iPhone or Android device if you decide to turn it off or if you want to stop certain apps from using the information they obtain from your device.

How to Check Your Location Services

We can acquire a list of apps that are permitted to monitor your location and verify the particular settings for each app by navigating to your device’s “Settings” section.

To access the appropriate page for configuring your device’s settings, navigate to “Privacy” and “Location Services.”

Now that we have access to the list of apps, we can use it to identify the one tracking your position during the most recent period.

Look for a symbol that resembles a purple arrow. It suggests that the app in issue had requested your position just before we checked it, as indicated by the fact that it has made this request.

How To Identify The Application That Is Monitoring Your Location

How to Get Rid of The Arrow on iPhone

We can create highly concrete rules for each app by selecting the app’s name and then hitting the button.

You can permit the tracking of your location at any time, or you can restrict it to actual active app usage.

If you would instead not share your site with an app, you have the option of turning off this function entirely by selecting the “Never” option, or you may set it up so that it will ask for your permission to monitor your location the next time you use the app.

Make It Possible to Access Locations on Your iPhone

Since iOS 14, you can even configure apps so that they can only determine your available position.

Several apps only require an approximation of your location, and you have the option to safeguard both your data and your privacy even further.

To prevent the app from pinpointing your exact location, you may deactivate the “Precise Location” option by tapping the button next. It will allow it just to determine your general location.

In the iPhone Location Services Settings, Turn Off The “Precise Location” Data For Apps

How to Get Rid of The Arrow on iPhone

As soon as we exit the “Settings” menu, the modifications we make should become visible.

Check the arrow icon in your device’s status bar; it has probably disappeared by now.

If this is not the case, go back to the settings page and look for any other possible causes.

If we can maintain control over this list, we can significantly improve the iPhone’s battery life, which would negatively impact it.

How to Show or Hide the Arrow Icon

How to Get Rid of The Arrow on iPhone

You can simply hide The Location Services symbol. However, only System Services and Location Services can be shown or hidden. Remember that this has nothing to do with enabling or disabling Location Services.

It can turn it on and off in the section that follows.

  • Step #1: Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services on your iPhone or iPad to turn on or off location services.
  • Step #2: Navigate to the bottom of the page and press Services for the Operating System.
  • Step #3: Toggle off the “Status Bar Icon” by scrolling down and clicking on it.

How to Turn On Location Services on iPhone

How to Get Rid of The Arrow on iPhone

Step #1: To access your iPhone’s location services, go to Settings.
Step #2: To change your privacy settings, go to Settings > Privacy.
Step #3: Tap on the Location Services.
Turn on the Location Services option. It’s time to turn on location services. Apps that require your location data can begin doing so immediately.

How to Turn Off Location Services

For a variety of reasons, you may want to turn it off. You can, for example, turn off location services to save battery life. Please be aware that disabling this feature may result in issues with some apps. Here’s how:

Step #1: Tap on Settings.
Step #2: Use the Location and Privacy Services.
Step #2: Turn off “Location Services” in the system preferences.

Removing the Blue Triangular Arrow from the iPhone

When you see a blue arrow on your iPhone, it indicates that an application is using the location services.

A hollow arrow indicates that a given item may be able to determine your position under certain circumstances.

If the app you’re using wants to know where you are, a directional arrow in blue can appear.

If you have an iPhone and notice an arrow icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen, this indicates that an application is using the location services.

The arrow icon is in various forms and colors, and its use can provide clues about how you can reach your place.

For example, if the icon has different colors in multiple ways, it could mean that someone has used more than one.

It is easy to determine what each arrow icon represents by navigating your device’s location services tab of the Settings app.

You can hide the arrow indicator in the Settings menu or altogether disable location services. Neither of these options is required.

Using the triangle arrow as a location tracking sign is called geofencing. A small arrow in the top bar of the screen indicates that your iPhone is enabling location services, and you should turn them off.

Following are the steps to remove the blue arrow of the iPhone.

  • Step #1: Open the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Settings app.
  • Step #2: Select the Privacy Near the General tab.
  • Step #3: Select Location Services > System Services from the drop-down menu.
  • Step #4: Scroll down to the bottom of the iPhone screen and turn off the “Status Bar icon” toggle to conceal the Location Pointer on the iPhone’s Status bar under System Services.

In addition, the Location service is running in the background, so we can disable it or manage the Apps separately. And only when using the app.

Using Find My iPhone after you’ve turned off the location service will keep it running in the background. So you don’t have to be concerned about losing your gadget.

When Will, the Icon for Your Current Location, Appear in The Status Bar of My iPhone?

Only when a website or app actively uses the iPhone’s current location will the location icon appear in the device’s status bar. Under some conditions, an object with a hollow arrow may be able to determine your location.

A blue arrow will appear whenever the program requires your location.

Why Does My iPhone Still Display an Arrow Location Icon Even though I Disabled the Status Bar Icon for It?

Some iPhone users have reported that they can see the arrow location icon on their device even after turning it off and that the icon continues to display even when the device is not in use.

If you want it to go away, you will need to disable any applications on your device that have constant access to the location services of your device.

Turn off all of the applications on your device that use location services if you are unsure which one is using it.

Despite this, the most popular app that uses location services is the one that displays the weather.

On IOS 15, How Do You Remove The Hollow Arrow?

Some new iPhone owners and those who have upgraded to iOS 15 may be annoyed by an arrow next to the current time on their iPhones. Take a look at these steps to remove the hollow arrow from your iPhone:

Ensure all the app location options are on the screen when you use this setting.

  • Step #1: Open the Settings application on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Step #2: Privacy > Location Services is where you’ll find the option to enable or disable location services.
  • Step #3: You can access the System Services by clicking on them.
  • Step #4: Finally, disable the Status Bar Icon toggle, as seen in the image below.

Steps to Remove Navigation Arrow From Mac?

It’s not just iPhone users who have to deal with the Location arrow in the status bar; it also affects Mac users.

It’s possible to see an arrow on Mac’s menu bar when the option to “Show Location Icon When System Services Request Your Location” is activated.

Unchecking the option mentioned earlier will eliminate Mac’s navigation arrow. To complete the procedure, follow these steps:

  • Step #1: Simply choose “Apple” from the top of the screen.
  • Step #2: Then, select System Preferences from the drop-down menu.
  • Step #3: Click on Security & Privacy.
  • Step #4: Click on the Privacy tab after that.
  • Step#5: The bottom of the page will have a lock icon. To do so, simply click the button.
  • Step #6: Your Password will be required to proceed. To remove the lock icon, enter your password.
  • Step #7: Ensure that Location Services are enabled by checking the box.
  • Step #8: Select Location Services from the drop-down menu that appears.
  • Step #9: Navigate to System Services and choose it.
  • Step #10: Afterwards, click on “Details.”
  • Step #11: When System Services ask for your location, uncheck the Show Location button in the menu bar.
  • Step #12: Click the Done button after this.

How Can I Limit The Use Of Location Services For A Particular Application?

How to Get Rid of The Arrow on iPhone

Using location services can be problematic if you don’t want specific apps to be able to access your current position.

Using this method, you can limit the use of location services to only one app. That particular app’s permissions to use your location will be restricted.

Controlling location services for your preferred application is simple:

  • Step #1: Tap the Settings icon to see the app’s settings.
  • Step #2: Select “Privacy.”
  • Step #3: Activate the Location Services feature.
  • Step #4: Each application’s settings can only be changed if the location service is enabled.
  • Step #5: Navigate to the application and choose it.
  • Step #6: Select Never from the Allow Location Access option. The app will no longer be able to access your device’s location after this.

Some programs may utilize the Precise Location feature on your iPhone, so keep this in mind.

However, you don’t have to accept it for every single program. You can select the apps that will allow you to locate yourself accurately.

You can block apps from accessing your precise position using the techniques below.

  • Step #1: Decide on a configuration option.
  • Step #2: Select the Privacy option in the menu.
  • Step #3: Select the services offered by the location.
  • Step #4: Next, turn on the location services option by clicking the toggle switch.
  • Step #5: Now, choose the app and switch off the Precise Location option by clicking the button next.

How to Remove the Floating Gray Box on iPhone?

As a first step, it is essential to understand what the blank arrow means on the iPhone dock. You can add more apps to the dock if you don’t want the black arrow on your iPhone. There are a number of ways to do this:

  • Step #1: Press and hold the app until it begins to jiggle.
  • Step #2: After this, move the app to the dock.

How Do I Get Rid Of The Grey Box That Keeps Floating About On My IPhone?

When Assistive Touch is enabled, a floating grey box may appear on your iPhone’s screen. As a result, disabling the Accessibility feature’s Assistive Touch can solve the problem.

  • Step #1: Navigate to the Settings icon and pick it.
  • Step #2: Select Accessibility from the drop-down menu.
  • Step #3: When in the Accessibility menu, select Touch from the drop-down list
  • Step #4: AssistiveTouch is now selected.
  • Step #5: You can turn on/off this feature by clicking on the AssistiveTouch slider.


Q1: Why is the location arrow always showing on my iPhone?

A: You’ll never lose track of where you are with your iPhone’s location arrow on all the time. Your phone can provide accurate location information when you use specific apps or functions.

Q2: Why is an arrow pointing to the right on my phone’s battery?

A: An arrow indicates the positive terminal on a battery. Plus signs or the word “positive” represent positive terminals, while minus signs or the word “negative” indicate negative terminals.

Q3: How can I get rid of a location icon?

A: To remove an icon from your location, there are a few options. In the “Location” section of your phone’s settings, select “Edit” from the top right corner to make modifications. Using the “X” next to an icon, you can remove it from the list by dragging and dropping it.

It’s also possible to use the “Maps” app to focus on a specific location around the icon.

Q4: Why does the location arrow appear permanently on my iPhone?

A: The arrow on your iPhone’s current location continuously lights up since it constantly tracks your location. Because of this functionality, your phone can provide accurate location data when you use particular applications or activities.

Q5: How do I remove the arrow indicating my current location?

A: Go to the Privacy menu option in the Settings app. If you do this, you’ll be unable to see where you are. To turn off location services, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and press the location services button.


Depending on how the arrow indicator displays on your screen, it might represent various things. In other words, an app is exploiting your location to locate itself.

Using this information, the iPhone and many apps can provide you with a personalized experience.

If you’re concerned about your privacy, you may not want to grant this permission to all applications. Because of this, Apple’s iOS gives you great control over your privacy settings.

I’m happy to hear that this post helped clarify what the arrow icon represents.

Please take a peek at the other articles on our site to express your appreciation. That’s it from our side on our article “How to Get Rid of The Arrow on iPhone.” Stay tuned for more information.

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